Privacy Policy


NoSleep Software LLC respects the privacy of your personal information and the content that you create in our apps. This privacy policy is in effect September 16, 2017; it summarizes what information we might collect and what we will and will not do with it. We reserve the right to change this policy as we deem necessary. The current policy is always available at and you may email us questions at

Ideament App

The content that you create (e.g. ideas, diagrams, outlines, etc.) is never collected nor is any personal information. Our apps only count the number of times that different features are used within the app (for example, when an idea is shared via email). This helps us understand which parts of an app are most widely used and allows us to focus our effort on improving the features that are most important to you. These counts are collected anonymously so that we only know which features are being used, not who is using them.

Ideament for Windows & OneDrive

You may opt-in to enable Ideament for Windows to upload to and download from your OneDrive account. When enabled, Ideament receives a special code from the LiveConnect service and stores it in the device's settings. Your password is never visible to Ideament and never stored on your device or inside Ideament. Ideament does not collect or store your personal information. The Content that you create is stored inside Ideament and is only uploaded to OneDrive at your request. When uploaded, it is stored in your OneDrive account and is not stored on any NoSleep Software LLC server and not shared with any third party. Ideament requires the permission to use the "Internet Client" capability in Windows 10 in order to provide access to your OneDrive account.


Please contact us at if you have any questions about this privacy policy.